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Often I get called in to give opinions and in  the majority of cases ,significant time could have been saved by involving me earlier.

It is preferable to involve me early as my opinion is unbiased and also available for presentation in Court.  Whilst you may feel that you can manage it yourself , the end result is often not the standard that a Court demands, and neither can it be used by me to form an opinion since I did not prepare it.

It seems prudent therefore to involve me early.

Forensic Accounting Services

Concise and clear reports that are well reasoned and replicable are your ally

My approach to explain,  for example income,  might be to analyse bank statements, credit cards, loan repayments; looking at not only for what is obvious but what might be missing or unexplained. Whatever the task my approach is similar, with reports written in plain language, referenced as required and with full explanation as to how and why my conclusions have been drawn.

Education & Memberships

  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.
  • Master of Business Administration (University of Western Australia.)
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting (University of South East Queensland.)
  • Certified Practising Accounting (Retired).
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) Geology.
  • Member of Australian Financial Complaints Authority.
  • Member of Finance Brokers Association of Australia. 
  • Member of ExpertsDirect.


David is an accomplished accountant and hands on commercial specialist, with more than 40 years’ experience in resources, commercial, finance, business planning, international business and more recently forensic accounting and mortgage broking.

Highlights of my career have included:

Chief Financial Officer of some small sized minerals exploration, drilling and gold mining companies in Australia and Africa

Former partner in an  accounting practise that specialised in small business.

Assistant Listing Manager ASX.

Various analytical roles for BHO and Rio Tinto

12 month role in WA  Police as an analyst involved in a major money laundering case.


There is no charge made for inital discussions

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