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Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic Accounting Services

Why get me involved early?

I am independent and design my analysis and reporting in stages to minimise cost and maximise efficiency.

My work is particularly suitable for Family Law matters and litigation generally. I am used to dealing with solicitors and barristers and available to attend Court, as may be required.

Fresh unbiased eyes often provide clarity and can lead closer to mediation or even provide the foundations for moving in a different and focussed direction.

Compilations of huge amounts of data from disparate sources saves you time

I often build large cross referenced Excel tables which provide me with verification linked to  source documents and you with actionable summaries from what can be thousands of lines of data.

Data validation and sense checking by me, can be a useful adjunct to your case.

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Business Valuations

Small Business Valuation Services

I am very familiar with small business, having operated several, and prepared accounts for many more. I offer valuations for all types of businesses turning over up to around $15- $20m. 

Depending on what clients require, a quick appraisal often suffices which could be a 1-2 page document. A more detailed document may not change the value but will provide the methodology in detail.

Valuation services:

  • Critique  of other business valuations.
  • Available Australia-wide.
  • Do not include real estate  or plant valuations, however these can be organised for you.
  • Particularly useful in Family Law matters, including the critique service.

Since you are here already, why not grab a coffee and check out our quiz, or listen to a webinar on how to get great business valuations?

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Loss of earnings Calcuations

If your clients are involved in an accident, I can provide detailed and well reasoned  loss of earnings calculations in either short or long form to suit. These reports are able to be spoken to in Court if required.

I aim to have the issue settled by mediation by providing a high quality detailed report with all assumptions provided.

I am equally at ease to appear in Court as required.

Damages Calculations

Damages claims can arise from many different causes. I am able to assess likely claims based on historical and contemporary data. My reports contain the workings of the amounts which lead to informed discussions in mediation or arguments in Court.

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Business Valuations
independent expert reports

Independent Expert Reports


I am an independent person you can rely on to produce an unbiased report.  If there are conflicts in your firm, then I can fill that gap as required.

I also act as a shadow expert as required.

Aim and Approach

 The aim in producing these reports is to provide all of the logic required such that another professional could either arrive at a similar result or adjust the parameters used  to arrive at a different result based on the same logic.

The reasoning behind this is that it gets opposing experts on the same page from which ultimate agreement is more likely. 

 Areas of Expertise

Although I expect to be able to provide assistance in most industries, I have particular experience with listed companies, mining, industrial minerals, professional practices and construction.

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Looking for fraudulent documents


Chances are your business or company is suffering from fraud.

Fraud is very widespread and often not reported. Having up to date policies is just good governance. When is the last time yours were reviewed?

We can help.

We can assist you in the following ways:

Investigation: We can investigate suspected fraud by reviewing financial records, interviewing employees, and using various forensic techniques to detect fraud.

Evidence collection: We can collect and preserve evidence that may be used in court or other legal proceedings.

Analysis: We can analyze financial records and other data to identify patterns, trends, or anomalies that may indicate fraud.

Expert testimony: If a case goes to court, we can provide expert testimony to explain our findings and assist the court in understanding the financial aspects of the case.

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Financial Neutral in Collaborative Practice.

Avoid the stress, time and cost of going to Court

Collaborative Practice is a  process that assists you to work through the legal issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship in a considered and calm way with the assistance of a team of professionals which  can includes accountants, mental health professionals, child specialists, and financial advisors.

A financial neutral works for both parties with information provided in a friendly and cooperative way and then explained to all.

I am trained in collaborative practice and a member of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (AACP) . 

The Benefits of Collaborative Practice

Going through a separation is tough, and dealing with a long legal battle can make it even harder. Thankfully, there’s a kinder way called collaborative practice that’s really good for families going through this. Instead of fighting against each other in court, collaborative practice encourages talking and working together to solve problems. It’s a team effort to make things less stressful. By choosing this approach, families can make the whole process smoother and less difficult, focusing on understanding and supporting each other during this challenging time. It’s basically a friendlier and more caring way to handle things when a marriage comes to an end.

The collaborative process starts when both people agree not to go to court. They talk about their issues in a friendly and respectful space, with their lawyers there to help. This way of working together helps solve problems peacefully and makes communication clear. This reduces the chances of misunderstandings or not trusting each other. Plus, it’s usually quicker and cheaper than the usual legal battles.

Besides lawyers, other trained professionals might join the discussions. Financial advisors can help sort out money matters and plan for the future. Child consultants know about child development and help parents find solutions that won’t hurt their kids too much. Coaches can help with communication, manage stress, and support those who struggle to speak up for themselves. It’s like a team working together to make things better for everyone.
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