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David Bay

Specialised Forensic Accounting Services including tracing and tracking money flows, fraud, loss estimation and support in family law. cases. Independent Expert Reports and Business Valuations, including reviews.   Collaboratively trained as a Financial Neutral.

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What I do

Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic Accounting Services

Getting me involved early in your assignment is a smart move.  My work is analytical and unclouded by emotion.


Business Valuations

A business valuation could be required in the case of a divorce, or perhaps in preparation for a sale, or for insurance purposes. But they are so expensive…

Business Valuations
independent expert reports

Independent Expert reports

In  certain situations an independent export report may be required. Often this is often the case where there are is an overwhelming amount of details and the expert provides explanation and an unbiased opinion as to their meaning.

independent expert reports

Financial Neutral in Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice is an alternative approach to dispute resolution involving all parties together. It offers long term benefits to families and does not involve going to Court

Why Choose Me?

* Responsive * Experienced * Affordable


Your needs are my priority. Available for meetings with short notice. With Zoom, Australia wide service is readily provided.

Commercially experienced

I have a depth of industry knowledge and am commercially minded which adds value to my conclusions and your case.


Low overheads with savings passed to your clients. I have no large firm billing practices which makes me an affordable choice.

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